Not a happy bunny

not had my Nomad long, just November last year. Used it about 8 times in total and has run for approximately a total of 9 hours. I decided it was time for a clean in the workshop and hoover everything, nothing new here but decided to put the wiring inside some nice conduits I’ve been fitting so unplug the mains, unplug computer, unplug nomad wires and place in conduit. Go to plug everything back in and notice a bit of plastic sticking out of the USB.

There it is, my nice gold plated USB with a piece of nomad circuit board usb adaptor stuck inside it.

I could understand if it was stuck, hard to remove, dropped on the floor, bashed with a hammer but NOOO just unplugged. If anything I’m ocd with how carefull I am with things like wires etc as I hate untidy messes and broken things.

So now I can’t use my Nomad after just a few months and no way to repair it. Very unhappy bunny after spending a few thousand on this and ALL the attachments and end mills carbide make for it.

Please contact us at and we’ll get this take care of as quickly as we can.


Hey Danny. Bad luck old chap!

This probably won’t be compatible with your OCD but the bit that’s in your plug is just insulator. You can stick the whole shebang back into the socket and it will more than likely still work just fine until C3D can fixify it for you.


Hi Danny… head up OCD like is great this is what happens … it will get sorted

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My OCD is fine with that. Lol.

I just tried it about an hour ago before tea and it works. Just frustrating.

Will has got on it for me though and in fairness they are great at a quick resolve.


Yeah - Will is pretty quick off the mark to help out.

A few hints there amongst your comments that you’re also in the UK?

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Sure am. North wales to be precise.

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Ah! Another reasonably-close Nomad owner. That’s great!

I’m in Oxfordshire and Tink (also on this thread) is in Staffordshire I think.


I’m in Cheltenham…


Hey Luke!

This is turning into a UK meet-and-greet thread - sorry about that :slight_smile:

I’m pretty close in Chipping Norton… about 28.543 miles away on the other side of the Cotswolds.

@DannyDog - be good to touch base some time on what endmill choices and suppliers you have for your Nomad. I’m cutting aluminium, brass and wood and have settled on a few local suppliers for endmills that don’t break often. I’ve also picked up a 4mm ER11 collet for some metric endmills. I’m keen to increase exposure to others you might have tried or do try in the future.

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Not sure if its of any use to you but ooznest do have a lot of the Amana range in. They just don’t have them listed yet. I bought a load of different ones a few months ago when they had a massive delivery.

Saves on import taxes etc.

If you want any just fire them an email and ask for a pdf of the ones they have. Last list I had was about 100+ different ones including sets.

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Thanks Danny… I might do that. Have a few spaces still to fill on my board and some duds to replace.

Now if I had mine organised like that without protectors I think it would be a whole 3 hours until I was in A&E with a laceration injury from the end mills :rofl::rofl:


Now I’m worried :slight_smile: I know they are sharp and can see them so … well… an excuse for me.

Only time I’ve nicked my finger was when hoovering the chips from inside the nomad and reaching in a little too far underneath the still-inplace endmill. Boy them things are sharp.


I’m here Gerry… In Stoke on Trent dead on J15 of the M6… thought you were in Cheltenham Luke… great place… You aren’t shipping my HDZ to California and They shipping it back … are you Lol


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