Not milling full z-height

Hey guys -

I have a strange thing happening:

I’m running a typical job - perimeter cut on 18mm MDF. After homing the machine, ‘set zero’ and clearing offsets, I set the machine to the centre on my work-piece. Zeroing from there, I ran the job.

From here, the job proceeds, but does not cut to the proper depth. I double checked the file, ran the simulation, and re-ran the job but had the same results: the bit only cuts down to app. half-way through the piece.

Has anyone come across this? This happened with another file as well so I can’t isolate it to the file or corrupt code. The machine is in a shared shop so I won’t be able to troubleshoot until the work day.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

Typical symptoms of a loose Z belt or pulley.


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