Not quite sure things are right

I got my machine put together, fumbled through a few steps but generally went okay. Tried to do the Hello World and discovered the new setup doesn’t really work for using the pen, so I lifted the paper but I guess the Z axis was extended a little too far still and it popped off the track right away, so I got to learn to reach for the power switch quickly…

Anyways, maybe I’m just a little confused but I’m not sure I understand the Jog feature on Carbide Motion. If I don’t manually zero it (using the Set Zero, Zero All buttons) then no matter what axis I try to jog or in which direction the machine seems to want to lift the already fully retracted carriage. Closing the CM software stops it, but it’s chewed up my belt a little bit so it’s disconcerting. To detail more fully:


  • I power on the Shapeoko, this is accompanied by a hum as if all the motors are holding some position
  • I open the Carbide Motion software, connect, go to the Jog tab, and press +/- X/Y/Z
  • The carriage repeatedly tries to lift and bumps against the top of the xz platform until I politely ask it to stop by terminating the software or killing power to the machine


  • Power as above, turn on CM as above
  • Zero the coordinates, note that when I do that the hum of the motors holding some position stops (though they still hold, as if before they were vibrating between two very close positions)
  • Jog in any direction and it works fine

So in short is this a misunderstanding on my part? It seems counterintuitive that if I press +X with the setting on 1mm it would try to move to any position besides 1mm +X from the current location.

Check which version of Carbide Motion you are using. I had the exact same problem with version 362. Use this link and download version 361.

uninstall v362 and try again after loading v361

UncommonDad thanks! I’ll try that when I get home. I turned it on this morning to try and get a log to see if that would help and it was working again, but I think I’ll take your advice and try v361 for now. I got my limit switches installed this morning too so, that may change how things work for me also.