Not sure I believe this time estimate

Not sure if this file was just too many lines or if CM has a specific issue with it but, F360 says about 30 mins, and I’m 7 mins in already at 18%

If anyone in dev team / support wants the gcode to try out I’m happy to post it.

Earlier versions of cc over estimated the time. Newer versions seem accurate. The one minute estimates are some times a left ovet from the previous job. I think the less than 1 min may change when the cutting actually starts.

Cm estimates pretty good for cutting times but is not counting fast moves, retracts and bit changing.

My experience tends to be that CM is off by 40 to 50%. Compared with fusion that underestimates by 15 to 20%. Fusion tends to be 20% off of actual cutting times. Depending on the operation the error could be over or under the actual machining time. I basically learned to ignore anything carbide motion tells me.

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