Not Sure wher to put the bug invesigations?

I was in CM 566 last night and I was starting a job, changed the bit and it went over and hit the bit setter, then came back to turn on the spindle. I realize, I don’t think I changed the starting zero. So I hit the X to close the window, except it just pretends I hit OK and takes off. Then I thought well I will hit stop and it would not stop - the big red button finally stopped it. I would think if anone hit the X in those pop ups, it wold mean hang on, maybe I am not ready?

Number two isn’t a bug per se, but with the new work flow I feel like it woud be nice to “unload” a file. so I could edit it in CC then load it back in CM - right now, I have to shut down the entire program and re-initialize everything or change the file name - which is what I do, but it sure makes a mess of my file system. Just a thought


When I click “X”, I experience the same issue. A few extra steps and I hit pause, stop. Yes I would expect the program to stop at that point.

Regarding your question on revising the program, I go back to CC make my changes, save, go to CM that is still open and load the file again.

Good Luck

If the program is named the same thing it gives an error if you try to load it again

Strange, Have not had that issue. I am using the same Version.

Maybe someone else will have some input on this issue.

I did upgrade a week or so back, and I may not have tried it since I did. May just be stuck in a rut because of the last try. I will check it in a bit

Have had this problem as well running 566. Usually it’s before it wants to go to the bitsetter and I realize I have the wrong bit and hit X on the bit change dialog box. Still goes to do the thing.

And after stopping it in this method, the z axis then starts descending very slowly and it eventually throws an error, and the machine needs to be re-initialized. I forget what the error is, but it’s replicatable.

In previous versions hitting the X at a bit change prompt would pause, so pretty sure this is a bug.

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