Notify upon completion

(Mike Ewan) #1

Not sure it’s possible with the current Carbide Motion but maybe something to consider for a future software update…

I would love it if the software sent a message or a notification when the job was complete or say some percentage complete. I’v been doing some multi hour jobs of late and it would really be a time saver for me if I knew when to come out to the shop and turn off the spindle…

How do the folks on here tackle this?


(Neil Ferreri) #2

Use a relay to control the spindle via gcode.

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(Mike Ewan) #3

ok. thanks.

I’ll look into it.


(Neil Ferreri) #4

Depending on your experience, comfort level, and/or willingness to try you could use the spindle pin to send a signal to another microcontroller or raspberry pi to do anything.


(Luc) #5

I don’t know which machine you have but leaving a machine operating unattended could lead to serious issues especially with a larger endmill. some have set their CNC on fire when the work piece moved and you can also seriously damage your CNC. I’ve had a few occurrences of an operation going sideways and had to quickly kill the job before everything broke.


(Mike Ewan) #6

I have a shapeoko 3 xxl and there are times when I just can’t be there for the entire cut. There are a couple of jobs I do that take 4 hours or more. That’s a long time to sit on the stool and watch the machine. I’m not that far away but I’d like to have a way to either have it shut off the router or advise me when it’s done or nearing done.
I know what you mean about the unexpected. I had it happen only once and I was near by when it went off the rails so to speak. I also do laser cutting and I had one task take nearly 30 hours. (It was a large image I was etching onto a glass sheet) That is less of a concern as the laser isn’t on when the job is complete.


(Terry Morris Carlsbad, CA) #7

$25 WYZE wifi camera and you can watch it (or check in) on your phone.

Still not good to leave it running un attended but at least you can watch it with the camera.

(FYI a friend had a pro ($50k) laser and burned down part of her house because she went to the kitchen to fix a sandwich and it decided to catch fire. Company that made it (Epilog) said sorry, your fault the machine has a plaque right on it that states do not leave running un attended. They would not pay for it).

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