Now What? Still more problems

So I downloaded the latest version of Create and Ive went through and made changes and did tabs. Now when I go to pull up the file, none of my changes are being saved. Not one file retained the tabs I put in place. And it is still freezing up on me.

Which version of Carbide Create from which version previously?

Please note that v7 moves tabs from Toolpaths to the Design tab:

For the freezes, please post (or send to and step-by-step instructions for causing the freezing and we’ll do our best to look into it.

I opened CC 714. Went through and added tabs, under the design tab. Placed them, even checked them in the tool path to make sure i had the right width and height. I have pro so I saved it in the last option as gcode. When I close out and then pull the file back up, there are no tabs to be found. One file i had to close vector son, I got it to turn black showing they were closed and added tabs and when I opened the file again it didnt save any of it. The contour was purple with no tabs.

I can’t replicate this.

Could you please post a screen grab of a file which has tabs and the tab, then when saved and re-opened and which is then missing tabs?

I am using v7 and if you make changes you have to save the c2d file. I have not used the save gcode yet so not sure what they are saving and where. Part of the v7 is if you make changes in the design and quit the CC application you should get prompted to save the file. If you make changes and leave the application open and then go to CM that might be what is going on with not saving your changes.

Try saving the c2d file before going to cm to see if that fixes your problem. If it does not report it to support and the thread on v7.

I think i have that problem worked out. Im still having a problem with V7 freezing up. All at once i can move my cursor but cant click on any functiins. Cant hi light contours, cant click from design to toolpaths, cant get any functiins to work. If i x out of CC and then open it back up, itll work fine for a few minutes and then it goes right back to not working again.

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