"Nudging" On ANY Axis (after "homed") Causes Machine to "Stick" on Y-Axis

Now that I have successfully installed the limit switches, and “homed” the Shapeoko 3 many times, I am getting an error which causes the machine to “stick” on the Y-Axis when I “nudge” on ANY axis (X, Y, or Z).

Here is a video showing the problem:


Thanks in advance for your thoughtful input :slight_smile:

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Mine did that same thing until I swapped Y1 and Y2 on the controller board. My Z axis is also acting the same. The sleuthing continues.

I actually had to swap the y1 y2 plugs on the controller in order to get my machine to “home” correctly. So, I don’t think that is the issue.

And no matter whether I “nudge” X, Y or Z - I get the same result = Y axis attempting to go + past the parameters the limit switches have set, and my X/Y dimensions designation indicate in Settings (407mm)

Judging from the video, when you attempt to Home the machine, it gets stuck against the Y-axis, which is what it hits first.

This is caused either by a bad homing switch, or a switch which isn’t properly plugged in, or a switch plugged into the wrong connector. Another possibility is a machine which doesn’t reliably contact the switch first.

Verify homing switch functionality by pressing the switches and checking on the board that the appropriate light lights up.

Most likely you have X- and Y- swapped.

Just a question… the machine’s extents are 406.4 mm, is 407 mm just too big a setting ? The Shapeoko 3 is a wonderful design and always does exactly as I program it to do, even when I am wrong. Jude

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I verified that I have had the limit switches attached correctly.

That is a good point. I have sent a bunch of requested info (including a screenshot of my settings) to Carbide support and they are reviewing it. I will update this thread as soon as all is resolved.