Number turn red on Carbide Create

I download carbide create yesterday since a bought a shapeoko 3 to try out before I received it. In the beginning everything was working fine easy to learn and play but after an hour all the prompt line came red . If I try to enter a number everthing just come back like before after clicking ok. I Try to uninstall and reinstall the program 2 times. nothing seems to work…please can somebody help me?

thank you,

In addition to uninstalling, you should power down, and reset the system to a known good state if possible (Windows, go back to a system restore point, Mac OS X, reset the PRAM).

Then see the article: — if nothing there is helpful, contact

I unistall it turn power downr reinstall it … same thing append all the entry number are red, when I change them they turn black click ok, they return red again???

Could you post a screen grab?

Do you have limit switches installed? If so, make certain the machine isn’t touching any when it is powered up.

Probably best to contact — tell them what happened, what you tried, what you expected to happen and what actually happened.