Numerically setting origin

I think I have this but need to make sure before I lose a piece I’ve spent three days on. Look before you leap!

I need to work on some other pieces requiring a different origin but may need to reset the origin to work on the previous piece. Does this protocol work:

• Home the machine and note the X and Y valued (Z not important).
• Perform other work.
To return to the previous work:
• Home the machine.
• In Jog > Set Zero, enter the noted X and Y values w/Enter.

Is it as simple as this or need I do something else?

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Alternately, I believe you can:

  • click on Position to toggle to Machine Coordinates when at the zero
  • write those numbers down

Then to return:

  • initialize the machine
  • clear offsets (which should put you in machine coordinates) EDIT and also click on Position to get to Machine coordinates
  • set the origin using the noted values

That said, when feasible, I make my origins when I need to repeat something co-incide w/ a rapid position point.


Ooh, I like that rapid position idea.

Hmmm. . . I do not find a Position button, perhaps because I’m using an old version of CM due to computer constraints?

Yeah, not feasible with my current work to use rapid position points but a good idea in general.

also using the MDI screen you just can go to a specific coordinate (no need to jog)

just type


to go to (50,50)


I’m aware of this ability but don’t know how it applies to my situation. As far as I know, CM is displaying coordinates relative to the origin I’ve set. If I change that origin then want to return to it later, what coordinates would I use? When would I set them?

I assume there is a way to display absolute coordinates and use that to reposition the origin to an earlier value? Would this be simpler than my proposed solution?

in the jogging zero screen you can reset the zero stuff so that it shows – and goes to machine coordinates
(by making the zero be the machine zero)

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I assume you do that when the machine is homed?

So in this case I would set to machine zero, go to the desired recorded position by entering the negative of the values I recorded then zero the machine? This is more steps than my proposal, is it better in some way?

To go to a machine position use G0G20G53X-13.5Y-10.5
G20 is inches, G21 for metric.
G53 tells it to use machine coordinates, rather than workpiece coordinates (implied G54)

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There’s no button, it’s just the text ‘Position’. Click on that to change between work and machine co-ordinates.

It is quite possibly the least discoverable thing ever.


Thanks! Who knew! I’m now tempted to click on all the text-appearing elements to see what I can find.

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