Nut-attach on Lead Screw of Nomad Pro 883

I do not know what is the life of the attachment-nut on lead screw (of steppe rmotor), in which moment should I replace them as maintenance.
Are they made of metal or other materials. ?

Note : What is the exact name of this parts ?

Thank you

Iā€™m not sure which part you are talking about (a picture would help), but the best match I can think of is the anti-backlash nut that couples the carriage to the leadscrew (there is one for each axis).

The anti-backlash nut compensates for a normal wear and tolerance in the leadscrew eliminating lost motion when the direction or load changes. As I understand it, if things are kept clean and lubricated to the C3D spec (wipedown and oil appropriately on the linear guides), and the machine is not abused, the nut should pretty much be the life of the machine. There is no mention of maintenance or lubrication for these in the FAQ or other documentation, as far as I can find. There are users that have been through several sets of bearings for the spindle, and replaced spindle drive belts, but I have not heard of a need to replace these.

I am sure that an official response will come soon enough, but these are not at the top of my worry list. (I need to do spindle bearings soon).

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As noted, it should last a good long while, just lubricate every 100 hours or so (I do it when the sound of machine movement changes) per:

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