Odd Carbide Create behavior

Today I ended up chasing my tail trying to apply a tool-path to a shape imported as SVG.

I was trying to apply a contour ->pocket and CC refused to draw the pattern but no error was reported.

After applying successfully the same tool-path to other shapes just created in the editor I realized that the shape that was failing was apparently <<“not close”>>. To fix the problem I went to design select the shape and then click on “join” and pocketing started to work again.

Hope this can help others in the same situation.

It would very useful if CC could display an error message when a tool-path fails.

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Not sure if “odd” would be the right word — it’s defined in the manual, and for a long while was implicit in how vector programs worked — it wasn’t until Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw started catering to folks who weren’t willing to follow good working practices that one got problematic “features” such as being able to fill a non-closed region.

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CC can detect if a shape is closed because the join command only appears in the toolbox when an open shape is selected.

It would be great if pocket radio button would became disabled when an open shape was selected with a message “cannot apply pocket path to open shape, use join command to close shape”