Odd...or Even vectors?

The program that I have been using gives an option for the number of vectors per pixel. I have been using 5-7 but I haven’t cut anything yet…just saving the files. Tonight, as I was finishing another file, I began to wonder if there was any difference between an odd number of vectors or an even number.

My “thought” was than an odd number would tend to be less prone to moire patterns and the like. I could be wrong.

Usually odd/even in this context refers to path direction / winding and the “left-hand fill rule” or PostScript — hard to say without knowing the name of the application or the specific nature of the usage.

This is mentioned at: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Carbide_Create#Bug_Reports but I don’t believe it applies here (consider this a footnote for compleatness’ sake).

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@WillAdams I did my best to upload the file, but it won’t get past 29%…

My understanding of what the program does is that it adds more “points”. Imagine a triangle…add a side…add another side…on and on. At some point it makes a circle. Supposedly, it gives better resolution. I do know that each time you add a single vector, the file size grows exponentially. The design that I have is 177mm X 127mm and is >72MB. imagining that all of those “extra sides” on a 3D object adds up quickly.

Please let us know the specifics of which program this is, and the specific menu command and if there’s a publicly available download for a trial or free/limited version or if it’s opensource.

In this instance, an even or an odd number of points in-between any nodes which must exist seems to be nothing more than an additional level of user control intended to allow the user to set settings for the best possible result after reviewing the results of a previous iteration.

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