Odd stop mid Operations?

Hello all, this is my first post on here

So I have been using my Shapeoko XXL for around 4 months now and I’m loving it, however, this morning I was facing a bit of wood and about 25% into the job, the shapeoko stopped moving. I had just finished the same G-code on a different bit of wood, the same facing operation and that first one went well. The power was on and didn’t cut out also the spindle was running. I made the G-code using fusion 360, with no tool changes.

Once I noticed it stopped moving I had a look at carbide motion and it had not noticed that there was an issue although the % and the lines of code had stopped moving as well. The only options for me, turn the power off or pause from within carbide motion. I tried pausing it but that didn’t do anything. the Z-axis didn’t even lift up like normal.

I am a stumped about why it may do that if anyone has any pointers. I would love to have an idea of what just happened.

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EMI disconnect most likely — check your carbon brushes in your trim router, if not that, grounding and so forth. If you write in to support@carbide3d.com we have a 10-step plan.


Hey Will, thanks for your reply

the EMI is the leed that runs from the shapeoko to the PC?

I dont think it can be the router as its in no way connected to the shapeoko

= electromagnetic interference

When the brushes wear, the router generates more electrical “noise”. That can interfere with the communication between your SO3 and the computer.


I know the CM peeps are very excited about their Raspberry Pi efforts… but is there scope in CM to cater for disconnections mid-job?

You know… pause and wait to reconnect, continue from last instruction, etc…

My understanding is that the timeout period in Carbide Motion was increased from CM3 to CM4 and CM5 has that same longer period.

Disconnects shouldn’t happen, and when they do, we will do our best to resolve them w/ folks over support tickets. E-mail support@carbide3d.com

When there is a disconnection, even a cable being dislodged, CM resets. All useful context is gone, including active file, current instruction… everything.

This can be improved.

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Also…why a timeout at all? why not just wait forever, with a cancel dialog, and an okay button to resume on reconnection?

CM needs to have reliable communication w/ the machine so that the state/position of the machine can be known.

The controller knows this position even when CM is not connected, no? Maybe it can just ask the controller?

Another Shapeoko with EMI issues, weird. Will told me this issue was rare. :roll_eyes:

Small sample size.

Of the tens of thousands of machines we’ve sold, only a couple of thousand folks have signed up here, and of those thousands, only a few have reported EMI issues.

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According to Rob, based on 2016 C3D data at least, disconnections only occur in 2% of Shapeoko 3s (1 in 50), which would be about 40 forum members.

So a relatively small issue - unless you are one of the 2% of course :slight_smile:

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Since then, with the 2.4e boards, the problem has been much reduced — naturally, anyone who has such problems should write in to support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to get things sorted out.

Well it sure would be nice to have a 2.4e board. My bad, I guess. I’ve been talking to support for months, still having issues.


Sorry for the late response. I think it was down to a USB port with a loose internal connection. I’ve not had any issues after switching to a different USB pannel.

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