Off-center tool measurement

Is there some way to measure an off-center tool in Carbide Motion? The tool measuring cycle automatically centers the spindle with the center of the tool presetter. I would like to use off center tools in the Nomad (e.g. fly-cutter, slot mill etc). Maybe even some way to adjust the measured tool-length offset would be useful.

You “could” make a cap to fit on top of the 1/4" shaft tool measurement post.

HOWEVER - it is not advised to use a fly-cutter or any tool larger than 1/4" diameter.

Oh, Ok. Why nothing larger than a 1/4"? What if you took, like, ya know, really light cuts?

Also, with a cap, the length offset measured would be too long by the width of the cap, unless it was more like a disc with a through hole, with the face perfectly flush with the face of the presetter.

Really light cuts - in what?
If your trying to save time, its not a big win. The Brush-less Spindle does not have low-end torque, so the great amount force applied by a fly-cutter will most likely stall and could damage the board.

The Tool Probe measures the difference from initial zero to the next tool change when called.
As long as you dont mount the cap in between those events you will be fine.

Ok, thanks. That makes sense about the probe.

Here’s an example of something I want to cut. Please tell me if you think it’s doable. I want to cut 1/8" slots in the ends of hardwood boards for finger joints with a slot mill similar to this one. the cutting faces are 1/8", and the diameter of the cutter is 1.2". The cuts would of course have to be full DOC (1/8"), as they are undercut slots, but the stepover could be pretty light (.020" or so per pass). Will this sort of activity destroy my precious machine?

Thanks for the help!

I would test in a soft wood first - to prove your work holding setup.
Secondly, try .010" DOC once you get into the hardwood, since it will be the Endgrain you are cutting into.

Well, you were definitely right about the .010" stepover.