Official Carbide 3D Touch Probe in the Wild

Ball and flat are the only options at present

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And only in sizes 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4.

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Hoping Carbide will add dimensional support for tools (vs. the existing fixed drop-down options). Additionally, dimensional support for touch plates would be a win.


I’ll second that! Who knows what new tools will be available tomorrow.

But I know one that won’t…


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very nice MrBeaver, you certainly deserved to win this!

Support for other tool diameters is a must as the three given inch presets are useless if you use metric endmills like a 6mm endmill.

you can just calculate the offset of a tools diameter and add it to the program.


Hi Luke, thanks for showing the probe in your video! I was wondering where the electronic is located in the probe? Is there more than a LED in the probe itself?
Would you be able to post some pictures from the underside of the probe and the side where the cable harness enters the probe?

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