Oh oh assembly problem

First: there is no grommet in the controller box.
Second: the controller box is different than the one pictured (no big deal) except when mounted per picture the hole for the (non existent) grommet is on the bottom.

I don’t want to remove and rotate the circuit board if I don’t have to. Should I just route the wires over the top of the controller box and go up from the bottom? (attaching photo of problem)

It seems there is no grommet anymore ?

And I’m afraid you mounted it upside down, I would advise to reverse it now, lest you regret it when you do the wiring and end up short by a few inches later…


actually I can’t remove and rotate the circuit board because of the cutouts in the sides of the controller box. Running the wires up from the bottom means they will be under the gantry so that’s not an option either.


you should rotate the box too I guess…
EDIT: oh, the instructions seem to show that there are two holes only, which would mean…your whole extrusion is flipped ?

if I rotate the box it puts the power and usb connectors on the left side. and the stepper motor connectors on the bottom.

I’ll leave it to the higher power (@WillAdams), since indeed the instructions do not match the shape of the box you have, and it’s also apparently different for the SO3 and the XL/XXL, so they must have phased in a new design.
Maybe someone who got their (standard) Shapeoko recently can chime in. I would be surprised if routing the wires from the bottom worked, or did not present a risk of catching the stock while the gantry is moving, but then again my Shapeoko is older, completely different controller box design, so I don’t know for sure.

Thanks Julien. I tried calling Carbide 3d but it’s probably closed by now. I’ll have to wait till tomorrow and hopefully I’ll get it resolved then. Bummer, I was hoping to be using it tomorrow.


FWIW, you pictures match the ‘standard Shapeoko’ installation instructions in the link Julien posted. They make a big point of saying that the box is ‘upside down’ compared to the XL/XXL config. My XXL (which I assembled last weekend) also did not come with a grommet, FWIW.

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Actually, we’re open through California close-of-business, so you may still be able to reach someone.

As noted, the enclosure changed, it’s flipped between SO3 and XL/XXL and the instructions are up and there’s no longer a grommet.

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It appears it just mounted upside down. Just rotate the whole enclosure with the circuit board still attached.

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Got a call from Brandon at Carbide3d and the said the control box is supposed to be mounted upside down. So tomorrow I’ll finish the assembly. Too bad the instructions of the main assembly for the Shapeoko basic doesn’t reflect this.

It ain’t “mounted upside down” YOU have it upside down. Assuming you have the XXL, ALL the pictures and the instructions say to mount USB facing towards the rear and they show it in the CORRECT position. (I didn’t look at L or XL) Hole has to be up.

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I noticed that little discrepancy when I put ours together also (among other things).
Anyhow, I checked the movement and decided to mount with the large hole towards the bottom. All the wires fit and work fine. The USB and power cord plug into the front and I can see the power indicator and comm lights as well.
I did not want to leave that big hole up and open to dust.
BTW, I am not saying this is the right thing to do, just what I did and the result.

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