Ok, just got new xxL

in Carbide Morion, I connect to the cutter, and while the cutter is homing it travels to the right hand back corner like it should… the problem is when it gets to the right hand side, it acts like it wants to keep traveling…
while it was traveling, I touched the limit switches and the cutter stopped like it should, but when it got to the right hand corner it was like brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrb…

Make sure you’ve sent the machine configuration: https://docs.carbide3d.com/support/carbideupdater/#carbide-motion-v4

There is a basic page on troubleshooting the homing switches at: https://docs.carbide3d.com/software-faq/home-switch-troubleshooting/ ​ There is also a Carbide 3D Answer video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7lOLMAcl_0&feature=youtu.be

​Please check that the switches are plugged in correctly, work properly — when the machine powers up the homing indicator lights should flicker on/off, then once the controller is booted up you can test the switches by pressing them — the matching light should light while the switch is pressed (closed), and should go off when the switch is released (open). ​

​Please make sure that the machine can mechanically close the appropriate homing switch on an axis before reaching the limit of travel along that axis — if it can’t, it should be possible to adjust a problematic switch’s placement by loosening the hardware in question, pulling it into a better alignment and then tightening it. The machine being out of square can also affect this, squaring up the machine, or more expediently, securing a small block or plate for the homing switches to contact may be necessary.

Carbide Motion(416) and Create(431) reinstalled (twice)
Squared, tightened, and checked again according to the online instructions on how to do.
Switches are in proper placement. All on the right side back.
When checking switches and led, I get all three.

It appears I can hit the x limit switch anytime along the top axis as it’s traveling to home, and it will stop and behave normal. But it locks me out of whatever is on the right side of the machine. So if I trip the x switch 10 inches from true home position, I can’t use the 10 inches all the way down the wasteboard. I tested it down the track, and the last 3 inches the limit switch doesn’t seem to work properly. Letting x axis run against the right side…

The x axis rail is also showing a cut in it from one of two guide wheels inside the x axis, as the limit switch isn’t stopping the x axis movement to home position.

The Allen key is pointing to the inside wheel of the one that isn’t rotating freely as the others.

It still overshoots home position.

As WillAdams said, make sure you send machine configurations from Carbide Motion Settings screen after selecting XXL. Also, I recommend you use the Eccentric Nuts to tighten your V Wheels, and from looking t your last picture, make sure you clean your V Wheels from any dipreas.

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All of that was pre-assembled from the factory- haven’t touched that cause it’s not in the directions to do so.
Yes, the track is dusty, but it’s just MDF dust from attempting to do a wasteboard when it started messing up this morning.
It’s a bad x limit switch. When it’s moving it will read up to the last 3 or so inches before going silent. When it’s moved to a starting spot down the track, and the machine is on, the light flickers on and off. The other two stay on when pressed.

What do you mean by this?

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As it’s heading to home position- if I press the limit switch it didn’t stop the x axis from trying to over run the y axis. Everything went to the right hand corner and just brbrbr… I can get it to stop most anywhere on the x track (top) but the last 3 or so inches the x axis limit switch wouldn’t work…

After some more testing - and getting another set of eyes to check led light in computer box while I was pressing limit switches - we noticed the x axis led only flickered or didn’t come on when pressed.
I’m fairly certain it’s a bad x axis limit switch, as the other two stayed on when pressed and this one didn’t, and the others run just fine.

So the X limit switch works unless you’re within 3in of the right side? Sounds more like a bad wire / connection.

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Please check that the wire isn’t being pulled out/loose and check that the drag chain isn’t interfering.

The drag chain isn’t interfering, I offset it so it hangs over the rail by almost half because I was uncomfortable with the drag chain being THAT close to a bolt. There is still a lot of play in the wires, as there is more than enough wire to go around.
The x axis limit switch seems to be going out.
I took the computer box lid off and touched the limit switches- 2 stayed on, x just flickered and sometimes stayed on. I checked the wires, no visible crimps or binds. (That’s a lot of tiny twisted wires to check)

Check the soldering at both ends. If you’re handy with a soldering iron, it might be worth it to redo the connections. Those switches are pretty high quality.

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If you haven’t already, contact us at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to work this out.

I did. Got an email over the weekend stating they’d help out with the x axis limit switch.
Sent them a reply back, and waiting to hear from them…

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