Okay so I love my new machine

So I am loving my new machine… Just got it out together before the end of the weekend. We just did our third wood project tonight! It’s the bigfoot included below. Best part is the walnut is all super cheap cutoffs of raw material… Our first wood project was the cutting board. Second was the bowl and bigfoot was third. This is how easy the shapeoko makes things!!!


You are well on your way! One of the toughest parts when getting started is developing an eye for what will and will not work well as a finished product. Looks like you already have that. Chapeau.


Good start! +1

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Wow those ALL look awesome :clap: I would be super proud!

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It helps having one grandfather that was a master craftsman and the other a redneck ;). This might be first time on a CNC router but I have experience on hand routing, woodworking, CNC laser and 3d printing.

I look forward to learning and growing!

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And you are right. This is just the start… Going to have to up my cad game a bit… But I already have some fun things planned!

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