Okay to leave power on?

Is it okay to leave the power on to my Shapeoko 3 for the day when I’m not doing any carving?

Some folks do it, but it’s not recommended or supported — stepper motors are weird and work their hardest holding position — it’s best to shut down instead.


I have dones this on several ocassions without issue. I would advise that your turn off the machine and electronics for sake of of prevention of any anomaly such as voltage spike or aberrant noise signal setting something off in your machine.

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One of our advanced users, Rich Cournoyer, says when he has long jobs he pauses his jobs overnight and resumes the next day. I would agree with that but not just idling. Rich runs long and complicated jobs. If you are just pausing for a break leaving the Shapeoko on is fine but why tempt fate. Heat is always the enemy of electronics. Turn your Shapeoko off unless you are running it would be best. As Will said the stepper motors work hardest just holding.

Search for Rhode Island to see Rich’s work.


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