One Button Tool Probe

Don’t know if these photos should be here or elsewhere. But It is a simple project I just finished. I switched from carbide controller to a Mach 3 Geko 540 set up because I have over 5 years of files and know Mach 3 very well. NOTHING WRONG with Carbide controller or software I just preferred my old Mach 3 to a new learning curve. The photos are of what I call a one-handed tool probe.
The probe sets in a tool holder above the Z-axis a ready to use and then goes back out of the way. Total cost one used switch salvaged from something I don’t remember what and scrap PVC sheet. It has proven very accurate. ONE LAST thing THERE is NOTHING WRONG with carbide so there is no need for a flame war. This is just a tool that makes my CNC life easier.
IMG_0287|666x500 IMG_0288|666x500


I would hope that no one on this forum would “Flame” you. There are a lot of people that modify their Shapeoko and most people are curious about the modifications. Have you seen the thread “Shapeoko on Steroids”. Good luck with your mods and more power to you. There is a long tradition of modifying what you have to suite your individual tastes.