Oops Replacement Power Supply Headnod

As proud of this solder job as I am…

Looking for a “yes that one will work” on the following PSU replacement… S3 XXL


PS Yes I read the Wiki on PSUs; I’m just generally unconfident when it comes to this stuff.

What? It conducts doesn’t it? It’s only low voltage :wink:

There’s this thread;

The Wiki says;

“The size of the power supply should be at least 4.5A at 24V for an SO3 with NEMA23 motors.”

and that PSU you’ve linked to on Amazon claims 24V 5A so it should have capacity.

There is a warning in the Wiki about the varying location of the positive pins in these 4 pin plugs though and I don’t see any identification of which pin is which on the linked PSU.

Might be easier to order one from Carbide or just order up a new 4 pin connector?

Shoot us an email and we’ll figure out how to get you an official power supply. That’s a great improvised fix but we’d like you to have the “factory” power supply.


Gotta love carbide3D customer service. Email Wed @2:34pm UTC replaced free off charge and arrives Thurs @5:45pm UTC.


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