Open pins on the motion control board

Are there any open pins on the Shapeoko control boards that could be read as an input to an Arduino to control LEDs?

it depends on how you think you would like to control those outputs (from the Shapeoko controller standpoint)

Since the controller runs GRBL, basically you can only use the I/Os which are activated by G-code commands, and it boils down to two of them (unless I am mistaken): PWM which is activated to an analog level between 0 and 5v depending on the commanded RPM in an M3 command, and “coolant enabled” signal controlled by M7M9 commands in GRBL, but that signal is not available on any connector, you would need to solder a wire to one of the pins of the Arduino controller (and by then you’re very far into “warranty void” territory)

If you elaborate on your usecase with that external Arduino maybe we can come up with tips for how to do it differently

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I think if I tapped into the PWM signal for the rpm I could use that to make the lights go on when the machine was running… maybe have red LEDs for that and old fashion button operated lights for general use. Overly complex solution to a what a button does, and it would always have the arduino connected to power, but it might be a good learning project. I guess I would also need to connect to the shapeoko’s ground…

Maybe there are other projects in this area people will link to.

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You could use a 5v connection on the Carbide board to turn on a relay that would, in turn, switch on the power for your arduino. If you just want the lights to turn on, just use the 5v for the relay to switch the power for the LEDs.

I’m also thinking that while voiding the warranty might not be an issue since it’s so old and I wouldn’t expect it to be covered, I do need to keep this machine up and running for work and a separate system is probably wiser. There’s an Alexa enabled arduino that might be better.

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