Opening presaved Carbide Create and MeshCam files directly?

(Robin C.) #1

One thing I’ve noticed with both Carbide Create and MeshCam 6 (or 7) is that in order to load a presaved C2D and MCF file, I have to open up the corresponding application first and then use the File->Open menu to browse and load the desired file, as opposed to double-clicking on the desired file directly in Windows File Explorer (like how one would directly open a Word document or Photoshop image file).

Is this directly opening C2D and MCF files from the operating system’s file explorer an unimplemented feature, a limitation of whatever software library that was used to build Carbide Create and MeshCam, or a conscious design decision?

(William Adams) #2

I would view it as an oversight / bug. It’s been pointed out and requested as a feature — if folks want it, please let us know at

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