Opinions Welcomed!

Good morning from South Carolina! I am considering the purchase of a 48" x 48" machine and have started doing some online research. I would appreciate some opinions of you fellas in the know about such machines. I hope it’s ok and proper to discuss this on the Carbide site as this is in no competition with the products that Carbide is currently making or selling and being a member of this forum for quite awhile now I value the members opinions here. If the topic is not appropriate for this forum admins let me know and I will delete! I love my SO 3 XXL and appreciate the best customer service there is in the business from the folks at Carbide.
I am moving in the direction to retire from my electrical contractor business in the next year and would like to transition into a “part time” woodcrafting business. I have been selling items made with my SO3 but would like a larger bed to make larger items and possibly for more production type work. I will want a VFD controlled spindle. There seems to be a number of companies out there getting into the CNC building game or “importing” from who knows where and stating why they are the best. Don’t know if we can really use full names here on the forum (didn’t read up on it) and I’m not asking anyone to, but again would just like some thoughts and opinions.

No experience w/ the larger machines, but I will note that ShopSabre was the only company to beat us in customer satisfaction in the 2017 CNC Cookbook router survey:


It’s my understanding that a larger machine is a possibility in the future, but no idea on how far out it is, or what size it will end up at.

There are a number of folks running larger machines at sawmillcreek.org: http://sawmillcreek.org/forumdisplay.php?38-CNC-Machines and I believe you’d get a decent response there.

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Thank you William I’ll check them out.