Oramask Type 811 or 813?

I have been using the Easy Shelf Adhesive Shelf Paper with good success. However on some projects I get a lot of shreading of the shelf paper to the point that I just remove it and then paint.

I see on Amazon they have Oramask 813 and 811. Which Oramask would be best for vcarving and other wood projects that will be painted (the reason to mask).

I just want to try the Oramask to see if it is better than the cheap and readily available Easy Liner Adhesive Shelf Paper. I always use a J roller on the shelf paper to make sure I get good adhesion.

Hello @gdon_2003

I have heard that you get good results by warming up the vinyl and waiting a day after adhering it to your work piece, before cutting it on the cutter.

I’ve used the 813 for years now.

You might want to try spraying a little polycrilic onto the work piece (if its wood) to give the vinyl a better chance of sticking.

I also used the reusable vinyl from Oracal, but I have never reused it. It sound wasteful but I have used it on softer wood like pine, or painted pieces. The lower tack is better for not tearing up paint or soft grain.

Hope this helps!


I use 813 when I’m planning on painting inside a carve on a finished piece. Just make sure the finish had cured before you apply.
I never had good success with tape or shelf lining vinyl…albeit I’ve meant to try the duck version.

I ordered some Oramask 813 and used it last night. This was a vcarve with

#301 bit. The first pass left fuzzies but on subsequent passes it was smooth.
The wood was red oak with mahagoney gel stain. I will paint the carving today.


So I got the Oramask painted today. Turned out pretty good. There was a small amount of lift off of the finish. The piece was stained with gel stain and then about 2 coats of wipe on poly satin then masked and carved. After the acrylic paint dried I peeled the mask off.


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