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Hi, I wanted to know if I could use another touch probe for setting the Z-axis “0”, I use mostly cam clamps and a corner guide so I rarely need to “0” X or Y. I would buy the Shapoko Touch Probe if it ever stayed in stock long enough.
I found some very simple and inexpensive Z-probes on amazon/ebay but have no idea how or if it is even possible to connect them to Shapeoko.
Here is a link to one of them:

Any help would be greatly appreciated - the paper z-setting thing is getting old quickly.
Thank you

The Probes are currently in stock. - FWW

Triquetra probe is what I use. On sale right now for $60 US.

Charley supports Shapeoko and is quick responding to problems.

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In stock less than 30 minutes this time. I need to remember to hit the Buy button as soon as I see the email.

You can use virtually anything if you’re willing to give up Carbide Motion.

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Yes, thank you.
I received an email at 5am this morning saying that they were in stock but when I went to the website to order one at 10am it said they were out of stock [again].
I received another email at 11.30 stating that they were back in stock and was able to order one.

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I downloaded GrblPanel and it looks pretty good -
Carbide Create seems to be pretty basic and I think Motion is as well?

I get the feeling that it wouldn’t be hard to sell the Shapoko Touch Probe and buy the Triquetra instead.
Are there any significant differences or benefits of one over the other?

From my understanding, the C3D probe has some electronics that they use to make it Carbide motion friendly. The Triquettra probe is basically a block of aluminum that you connect to the controller.

I have both, both work, and both work with Carbide Motion. To be fair I have to disclose that I got my Triquetra plate for helping Charlie get his Triquetra Toolbox software ported for Carbide Motion (I’m the “hand actor” in his Shapeoko video). Having said that I don’t think it’s fair for me to comment other than to say I find them both to be great products.



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