Our fearless leader William Adams

Spotted this portrait out in the wild last week. Any relation? Perhaps good avatar :slight_smile:


That’s an expensive workshop apron he’s wearing there, wouldn’t want to get that covered in Aluminium chips or tung oil…


Yeah, it’s kind of a pain having such a common name — willadams.com has been registered for forever by a domain squatter, and in retrospect I wonder if I should have not inflicted the moniker on my son (but he at least got a different middle name from mine, easy, since both of this grandfathers shared a first/middle name) — a cousin of mine actually has exactly the same name and birthday (we were both named for my paternal grandfather) so the only differentiating data is our social security numbers and locations of birth.

The namesake which usually gets brought up is:


which is fitting, since I was fascinated by Clavell’s novels when growing up.