Outside cut through out of line

Hi I am new to cnc but getting there can anyone tell me why this happened the project is a heart shape I cutout all the details then for the outline highlighted the outside of the heart line added 3mm centred to stock when I tried to cut the line was way out by about 10-15 mm in some parts I tried a load of different sizes i run the machine just above the workpiece so I could track the bit 30 Toolpaths later aaaarrrrgggg ended outing it out by hand help!

Hi @bigsteedie

Can you post your c2d file, the G-code file you ran, and if possible a pic of the resulting cut that went bad?

Hi Julien thanks for the reply although I am getting to grips with setting up work on the computer I am crap at finding files and moving them duh. and I didn’t take a picture sorry

Ok, it’s hard to tell if there was a problem in the way your created the file or if it’s a mechanical problem.

If you can find the G-code file you ran (the file you loaded in Carbide Motion), make a post here and attach it using the upload button:


that would help figuring out what is going on

Or you can go in Carbide Create, in the File menu, Recent Files, open that design that was giving you problems, and then use “Save As” and save it somewhere specific (Desktop maybe?), and then attach it in a post here.

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