Overengineered box for the endmills I don't have yet

Hi, just wanted to share my first Nomad project. I wanted to choose something I wouldn’t be able to make normally, and that involved a kind of precise fit, so I totally overengineered a box.

At first, I was just doing roughing and contour/waterline passes with the flat mill, and had some issues, like the dirty edges and ugly finish on the 45 degree angle cut:

But after some experimenting with different strategies (contouring on the vertical parts, waterline on the steeper parts with the ball mill, etc.) I was able to get pretty clean shapes from the mill - this is straight from the mill, no touchups or sanding:

Eventually got a bunch of parts made:

and then put the box together:

I don’t know anything about wookworking, so I’m not sure how I’m supposed to “finish” this. I guess sand it lightly and put some stain on it?

This endmill is super lonely. He wants the MEGA PACK to show up so he can have some company :smiley:


Very nice work, a lot of thinking went into this project, and I can appreciate that.
Looks like your Mastering the Nomad and meshcam.
As for finishes, I came across a product that I like made by General Finishes, it’s called salad bowl clear coat, and I like it because it’s food safe, so its nice to know it’s not toxic.

I also like the salad bowl finish. Another good one is Waterlox. It is tung oil based. Both are also great if you have a lathe.