Oversized sign in oak

I just finished this one for our high school basketball booster club. It is 42 wide by 24 tall so I had to cut it in 3 passes on my XXL. First I laid out the orange circle and masked the rest of the oak board. I painted the orange without applying any sanding sealer. That made the oak grain pop out and almost replicate the surface of a basketball. Then I applied sanding sealer to the rest of the board and sanded. Then I applied two layers of making tape to the rest of the board, with the layers going in opposite directions. I do that because my Suckit dust boot has a tendency to peal masking tape up sometimes. Next, I cut the text and lines in the basket ball and applied sanding sealer to the inside in order to keep the paint from “bleeding” into the side of the letters. I then painted the black using lacquer paint. I removed the masking tape, attached the African mahogany boarder and cleared it with 3 coats of polyurethane. Quite a bit of fun for an oversized sign.


Very nicely done!!! Now I have my twenty characters with 4 exclamation marks. Silly requirement.

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Wow that is big, looks amazing! Great job on the basketball!