Parts ordering question?

Hey all,

Can I order parts directly from Carbide 3D? I stripped a couple of the round spacers on the Z-Axis installing the Suckit dust boot (used wrong screws)… Stupid.

I don’t think it’s likely the local hardware store has these.


Yes, you can get those from us — just drop a line to and we’ll work it out somehow.

If memory serves, those come from a specialty shop (or at least they did in earlier iterations of the machines — the part # in the B.O.M. was actually the SKU from the website:

(that’s from the SO2, but I’m sure you can find the appropriate SO3 part — if you have an early kit w/ Imperial threads, you might want to spring for switching to the appropriate metric part — it’ll make your machine toolkit a bit lighter)

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Got it. Thanks Will!