Parts that break?

Hello all,

We are using the shapeoko 3 XXL for class. After the first few cuts, the z-axis belt broke. I don’t mind fixing the parts, nor the cost, but the time it takes for us to get a new belt means we can’t rely on using the machine for an unknown length of time, making it impossible for students to do projects. For the z-axis it made sense we just order 10 belts so if it happens again, we can fix it.

Similarly, would this belt be a good replacement for the carbide3d ones supplied on X and Y?

On this topic, is there anything else that is usually first to break? Does the pully on the motor wear down? V-wheels or other parts that break? What would be your list of replacement parts to keep downtime to a minimum?

Thanks for any advice

My advice is buy a maintenance kit and you will have most of the parts that have the highest probability of failure.

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The wear parts should be primarily the belts and the Delrin V-wheels — the latter shouldn’t wear much if not excessively tightened and the rails are kept clean. Belts usually last quite a while if they don’t fail early (I suspect due to uneven tension in the reinforcing strands during manufacture).

The other part to keep on hand as a hot spare would be a control board, maybe one motor though they very rarely go.

Agree w/ @Bonch that a Maintenance Kit would be a good start.

Please contact if you’ve had any sort of premature failure and we’ll do our best to make things right.

Thanks, this is similar to what I was looking for.

Hi Will,

Yes, support was very kind about the belt breaking. Even with their good support, the belt was broken a week ago and it has not arrived yet, which is why I am looking for collecting parts beforehand. On the plus side, the students are learning more about the machine by learning how to fix it!

Did you get a shipping notification yet? If not, let me know your e-mail address/ticket # in a PM and I’ll check into it.

Yes, I have the shipping notification. Thank you for the follow up though!