Pause during job

I’m on several Facebook CNC groups and someone asked a question about leaving your machine running unattended. I’ll admit that I’ve done that a few times for about 15 minutes at a time. Bur the overwhelming majority of responses was “HELL NO” and that they would pause the job, step away and then resume. And I do get that. If something goes wrong it could go TERRIBLY wrong.

So my question is, when you hit pause on a job do you leave the Shapeoko and computer on? And when you hit resume, does it just continue on its merry way? Are there any negative consequences in doing this as far as job quality?


The only negative to pausing and then resuming should be that stepper motors work their hardest when holding position — the Z-axis in particular isn’t bolted to a steel plate to function as a heat sink so may get warm.

OK, thanks Will! characters

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