Pause leading to Quit instead of Resume

I frequently pause my job to vacuum the interior so I can watch my lovely mill doing it’s thing. However, if I press the exact same area, it quits my job. I would like two changes if possible, one, make it so that Resume Project is the logical place to press under the Pause button. Two, if you are thinking of killing my job (“Quit”), please ask me again to verify, it’s a bummer to have to start the process over.


P.S. I should add that if I press “Quit”, I lose my project. I would like to keep the current project in memory in case I want to resume it.

running on Mac OS X


It is not just the OSX version that need this change. :smile:

It happened to me too. I hit Pause and the run stopped. I realized my finger probably bounced on the touchpad and it reigstered two clicks. Windows version on a Dell Win7 laptop. @Jotham, the suggestion to dis-align the Pause and Quit onscreen buttons is a good one. But I would make Pause, Quit, Resume all in different places to prevent the accidental double-click also resuming the run prematurely.