Pausing a job for long time

Is it harmful to things to pause a job mid stream for an extended length of time; stepper motors etc…

In order to give you the right answer, can you be more specific about what you mean for a “long time?”

  1. Hour
  2. Day
  3. Week
  4. Month
  5. Me love you long time

Hours…I don’t know lets say 6-8; was just wondering in case in middle of job and gave to go somewhere or do something. Don’t want to start over and don’t know how to edit gcode yet to start at a specific point

Shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve done it many many times…stop the spindle, and paused the job at 6PM, and un-paused it the following day at 9AM.

Just make sure your computer/tablet/etc. doesn’t go to sleep and disconnect Carbide Motion.

Feel free to turn off the screen…if you know how.

Thanks; good to here

Yeah, that’s the problem I had in the middle of my long pause…laptop went to sleep. Good thing I had the job broken up onto smaller steps and only had a re run the job at the beginning of the step I was on…

I have used the RCA Cambio tablet for several months now.
I changed the sleep settings to NEVER, and leave it plugged in all the time.
The longest job pause on the Shapeoko for me has been 2 days.