Perpetual or yearly license (Create Pro)

Hey, I’ve just ordered the 5 pro and I’m wondering if there’s any good reason to go with the yearly license…

I’ll be using the machine to speed up production of guitars which we currently cut and build by hand - so I imagine once we have the jobs programmed we probably won’t really need to make massive changes to the codes.

From your experience, are there constant important updates or should I not be too worried?

thank you!

Personally, I like updates so I’d go with the $120 yearly with the thought that I could jump to the $360 perpetual in the future if I wanted to get off the subscription. (The total would be about the same, but I get to defer the bigger payment)

Some people just want one-and-done, so the $360 perpetual is for them, but I think that’s a specific type of user.

And, if you don’t plan on making regular changes, then a one year subscription might give you all the time in the world to make your files. Let it lapse until you need it again.


Really great points. Thanks for taking the time to reply so thoughtfully!

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