Persian Lattice Test Piece

Found this Persian lattice pattern on the interwebz, took it to Inkscape, did the Trace Bitmap thing, saved as SVG, then imported it into CC.

Unfortunately, it created about 3,000 vectors, 5-8 vectors for every shape. So I had to zoom in and delete all the extra lines. After about an hour I was only half way through, so I just copy/pasted that section into a new CC.

I was surprised to find that the part I selected was geometrically symmetrical.

1/16" tapered endmill, it cut the top closer giving it more of a knife edge. The underside is thicker. 1/4" bamboo plywood. And I just realized I accidentally saved over that CC file with the next project - I was going to mention the tool settings, but I used the default settings that the software creates. I didn’t change any of the settings.

Also, I really, really, really need to make some clamps, as I just use 2 clamps on 1 side which tilted the stock slightly and didn’t cut through one side (visible on the bottom of the last picture).

The bamboo help up very well maintaining the thin borders.