Persistent Layer Menu

Keeping the layer menu persistent would save so much time and clicks. What I mean is being able to edit design while the menu is open and being able to edit layers while designing. There seems to be space in the left side panel to make this happen. Any chance?


I suggested that, and a couple of other things when the Layer menu first came up — we’ll have to see what the developer works up.


Or like PhotoShop and put it on the right. And a right click menu with a “Send to Layer…” options. :slight_smile:


Or like Macromedia Freehand make it a palette which may be positioned anywhere, and move the current selection to a layer just by clicking on a layer, which is the most efficient, doesn’t clutter up the interface with menu options, and simply requires that the user have the discipline to deselect things before choosing an active layer.


^^^ This! After decades of design work in Aldus, Macromedia, Adobe, and the like, I just “think” in layers. CC’s approach really slows me down, and the “Move selection to layer” command works exactly opposite to what I expect.


Do you all do the coding or is it outsourced?

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