Phenolic boards

Has anyone used these for enclosures or similar?

Unfamiliar, but be sure to wear respirator when you cut that stuff.

Lungs dont like it.

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The stuff is sort of expensive over here.

There is a chap selling 18mm stock is 8x4ft sheets for £45 a sheet, could make some cool projects

That sounds like a bargain to me provided it is what he thinks it is. Are you sure it isn’t just phenolic FACED?

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Well it’s 18mm birch ply with phenolic board coating

Gotcha. I thought you were talking solid phenolic (like Garolite).

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Hi Luke,

I used this stuff for a couple of projects (usually in 12mm, but they have other sizes):

Apparently its from the Ukraine - and was developed for truck body floors. But architects love it for interior work. Doesn’t @Vince.Fab say hexy is sexy??

I also use a lot of formply - same thing (typically 17-18mm thick), but just not as fancy.

But both work well - and I recommend you give it a go.

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A quick google -

same stuff in your neck of the woods.

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