Philadelphia or Atlanta Maker Spaces with a Shapeoko XXL CNC

I am considering purchasing a Shapeoko XXL CNC Router but would like to see one in person and test it out before I purchase. Anyone know of or belong to a makers space in either Philadelphia or Atlanta where this particular CNC is in operation? I live outside of Philadelphia, but my company is based outside of Atlanta and I am there on a regular basis. I have done some research online, but would love to see one in personal and try it out. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

When I bought mine, I thought that all these nice folks here on the forum can’t be wrong! :smiley:
I was right!
Just buy it. There’s really nothing else at this price point, and a hundred other reasons.


Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a publicly accessible machine in either locale:

Some guy on the FB group created a world map where Shapeoko users can register their location, and there seems to be a couple of Shapeoko users around Atlanta and Philly:

Maybe try to reach out to them asking for a demo ?

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We have one at the Annapolis Makerspace, which is a bit of a haul from you, but if you happen to be driving down from Philly to this area, please reach out and I’d love to show you the machine.

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Josh, thanks for the reply. If I am going to be in the area I will definitely reach out.

Julien, thank you for this link. I am going to try and contact a couple of the local owners to see if I can a demo. Very helpful. Thanks!

Will, I appreciate the feedback. Thank you!

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