Pics of your nomad / workshop?

One of the reasons I was excited about the nomad was bc of its compact size. I live in a condo in downtown Toronto and so space is tight - but I managed to convince the wife to let me convert our walk in closet into an office / workspace for me.

This is my setup, which I’m pretty proud of - all this in a 10’x10’ room

The wood in the background are 8"x8"x0.5" blanks I had made for me, to use to make wooden teethers and toys (and likely custom signs in the future).

In the spirit of sharing, let’s see how you folks have your nomads set up!


Let’s establish some ground rules here… are these pics of our “actual” work environment or are we allowed to clean it up first?


@Darren, that is a neat workspace. Your Nomad looks very elegant on the butcher-block workbench.

@ColdCoffee, just so you don’t need to worry, this is my Nomad during my step glitch testing, in the garage/workshop (one stall of a 2-stall garage–my wife’s car is on the far side of the shelves).


Thanks @Randy I don’t feel so bad now about posting my mess :flushed:

My little workroom is only 9’ by 10’ so almost need a fish-eye lens … but here is the electronics side…

And here is the Nomad side… actually the small footprint was one of the attractive features of the Nomad, so it could nestle in between the 3D printer and the Laser cutter (with the PC in the middle that controls all 3)…

  • Warren.

@warba I ENVY your home-made laser cutter, been thinking that’ll be the next tool area I get into :relaxed:

Here’s my Nomad in the corner of my home office:


First few days with my Nomad. Won’t stay this clean for long.

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Love this thread, I went through some older picture folders and found some photos from the kickstarter days.

This is a picture of the very first Nomad (Nomad Zero) in a Radisson Hotel Room, Test Cutting the TWIT logo before going on the Leo Laporte “Id fund that” show:
Heres a link to the Show:

This was obviously kinda stressful, but a really cool experience, and seeing the Twit studios, and meeting Leo Laporte was great.


Here’s the bat cave…the area cleared (ish) to the right of the printers is the future home of my Nomad. Cannot wait…

Taz 5 3mm // Taz 4 converted to 1.75mm




I keep mine in my closet with my Seemecnc Orion Delta printer