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and I think I know the answer but need to ask. Can I bring in a photo and have it in the background? Like a photo of the wood I’m using to see where the knots might show up in my carving.

Absolutely, and it’s a great idea!! In fact, I was just looking at a piece of wood & comparing it to a picture to see how the grain would look the best. I think I’ll do that & take a picture & pull it in.

Make sure your camera (phone) is centered over the wood, and as perpendicular as possible. A longer focal distance (at least 5’ away) will give you less parallax error. Better to take it further away & crop the image before setting as your background.


I ran into a snag, Import didn’t recognize a photo file and Trace Image was was off from the actual photo. Bummer, I can do this in Fusion and might be my work around to see how font and shapes are going to show up in a carve…

What about background image?


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LOL…have overlooked that button…tnx

Be sure to include a scale in your photo. When measuring the tape measure, adjust the scale of you photo until the match with in reason. Once your done tracing, adjust the rotation of your drawing to match the material you put on you bed. You will have to keep selecting the Set Background icon to adjust the scale.


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