Pineapple Serving Tray

I also think a roundover bit on the top 6 leaves will make it look better. I will experiment with this. I don’t like the way it cuts of so deeply looks the best.

Careful with the distribution and conversion to other formats of these files folks. You could leave yourself open to legal action.

Here is the ‘Terms of Use’ that accompany the downloading of this particular Pineapple file.

> Terms of Use: This Project and artwork is provided on the understanding that it will only be used with Vectric software programs. You may use the designs to carve parts for sale but the Files and/or Vectors, Components or Toolpaths within them (or any derivatives) may not be converted to other formats, sold to, or shared with anyone else. This project was created by Michael Tyler and is Copyright 2016 - Vectric Ltd.



This was a great learning project for me… ended up making this in Estlcam back then… I ended up using the pineapple as a plaque for another project.

This maybe so Jim, but I don’t know if the copyright holder would see it in the same light.


Hi Fahad! How did you get the CRV file to open with carbide create?