Planer thicknesser

Loving the cheeky bench there… guess why I bought a planer thicknesser (other than to make boards)…

I have a stack of wood ready for preparation so I can make my own workbench for my shapeoko.

Similar to yours but it will be on wheels, include a work drawer, magnetic tool holder and be on heavy duty wheels.

Here is a question for you - since you know what you are doing. For the legs/frame what type of joints did you use? I’m debating using braces or Mortise & Tenon.

This is the first iteration of the second “bench” I made when I upgraded my machine to XL. It’s changed a bit since then. The case is 3/4 “ MDF as is the torsion box. Weighs a TON! I slotted the sides, top and bottom with a dado set then nailed/glued/screwed it all together.

If you are building a frame, mortise and tenon is the way to go. The bench in the previous pic sits on an absolutely rigid base made with a combination of wedged through tenons and pinned stopped tenons.

I have some sort of wheels under every tool in my shop. Happy building.


I got carried away


Snipe, is the right term, plenty of videos on You Tube showning how to prevent it. For me on the infeed side starting the piece on an angle then slowly straighten up after engaging the cutters, and on the out feed when you get near the end pull up on the board to keep even pressure on the cutters works the best.

You mention Cutting Boards, make sure you glue a piece across the end grain ends when planing it. Cut off after in your table saw when desired thickess achieved.

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Very nice work deck for the Shapeoko. Do you put a small piece of sacrificial board under your work piece ? I’d hate to cut that top up when working.