Please add a Ctrl+Y option to Create

I assumed that seeing as there was an undo option there would be a redo option, unfortunately I’ve now ruined my work piece :(((

What happened? Just curious, to help others from experiencing this same fate.

The undo system in Create is not built with Redo in mind so it would be a pretty big change. We’ll look at it the next time we make a bump to a new version (from 5 to 6, 7, etc) and are ready to potentially make some big UI/behavior changes.


I can’t remember exactly but it was something along the lines of undoing a few things to return to a previous state as a preview (I think I was using it to hide some text so I could just see the border) thinking I could just Ctrl Y the text back to where it was but of course I then realised there was no undo feature

Unfortunately I scaled the text/border inside of Create so I couldn’t just re-import it, I had already cut the border so I had to freestyle the text placement on my attempts to fix it but I wasn’t as good as I hoped I was haha

I take responsibility for the loss, Ctrl Z and Y are lazy ways of returning to previous states/hiding objects for a preview then redoing the undoing, but I’ve just become accustom to it

You do what’s most important, I’m sure there’s more important fixes/updates out there but a Ctrl+Y would be fantastic

More importantly a ruler feature would be great inside of Create, or even just a dimension preview if you’re drawing a line or something if you need to quickly add something to a design

I take it ctrl-Z doesn’t work either? :thinking:

It works perfect, just not “redo”

The only other option would be to save in phases as you complete the piece two be able to get back to where you need to be until there is a fix? i.e. Project 0.0, Project 0.1, Project 0.2
I’ve done this before and inevitably you forget to save at a critical point and screw it up anyway. Or think I’ll be fine from this point. MAYBE?

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I know this does not fix things for you on your previous project but if you use a cloud service like Microsoft OneDrive to save your files it will keep versions of them you can go back to. Basically every time you hit save it keeps a revision that you can revert to. I work on multiple computers so I keep my files in OneDrive and that lets me access them in the shop or upstairs where I do the design usually. But it also saves the revisions and this has saved me twice now. Highly recommend it.


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