Please Help MDI error: Machine not Idle

Hello Everyone, New to the group but had my XXL for about a year and a half.
So far I have been able to figure things out by following many of you via the threads. But this time I am stuck needing help.

I have upgraded my unit to the 110 volt 2.2kw Spindle and a Huanyang VFD setup.
Took me a little while to configure it and get it to work, but i got it to work. Except now I have a new issue.
About 20 seconds into the job the spindle keeps running but carbide comes up with the error code “Machine not Idle” the shapeoko stops and at the same time the software freezes for about a minute.

Any help would be appreciate. Thanks in Advance. Wally

Hi @Wally,

Since this seems to be repeatable, would you mind capturing the log window output corresponding to this event ? Just before you run that job, go to CM Settings page, click Open Log Window and keep that separate window open, with the checkbox about filtering status messages checked. Then run your job, up to the event at 20 seconds that you describe, and then use the Copy button in the log window, and paste that text in a file, and upload it here for a look.

Can you also upload the G-code file you are running that produces this error ?

Also, in the meantime you are welcome to contact for additional guidance.

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Hello Julien
Thank you for the quick response. The issue I descripted happened to me when i just started using the spindle for the first 2 times. I stopped and reached out to the community.

Since then, i have been trying to duplicate the issue and guess what. Everything is working like its suppose to no issue whatsoever. Looks like the issue fixed itself somehow.
Once again Thank you for replying.


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