Please help with toolpaths and more for newbie!

Nic Floral and Lemon Paul sign parts.c2d (384 KB)
I have attached my file for pieces that I need to cut out to put on wooden circular signs. First off, If I put too much on one piece, I can take some off. Just trying get the most out of space. I know I will probably need different toolpaths but I am still so new and reading so much but I kinda need my hand held in the beginning.
1-A CNC friend told me he cuts names and shapes out with 3/4" MDF stock. So that is what the stock is here. Do yall agree with this or have another stock suggestion after I use this MDF?
2-I need help knowing what toolpaths to use as well as the feeds and speeds. As all, I want to use whatever creates the best product in the shortest amount of time.

I really want to learn but am appreciating your expertise more than you know! Lots to learn here!

  1. If you’re painting the MDF and it won’t be in the elements then I think it’s perfectly fine for signs.
  2. Have you tried cutting anything yet? If not, you might want to start with just one thing. Keep it as simple as possible. What software are you using? I ask because most software will have basic videos to learn about toolpaths. They’re really helpful! Information about your bits feeds and speeds can usually be found from the company you bought them from.
    I’m brand new too. Just started under two weeks ago. I researched as much as I could then found help here on the forum. Good luck to you! The CNC world is very frustrating and exciting IMO! Lol!
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I put some toolpaths on this project. I do not know what look you are going for so I took a few guesses.

With Tool Paths.c2d (808 KB)


You have no idea how appreciative I am of your expertise. I am going to learn from what you have shown me! Maybe one day I will get to your level and can help others as you do.

I have watched lots and take it all in but knowing the correct and best toolpaths are still giving me trouble. SDGuy has been such a huge help. I hope I can see what he did for me and learn from it for future things. Best of luck!

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Please see the response from

For reference, it looks like:


We learn from our mistakes. That is why I use garbage wood for learning. Pallets, I go to the Re-Store to buy shelves, … tables, the other side of a failed cut. I learned how to glue wood together doing this.

Did V bits instead of end mills, contour, stack,… If an idea doesn’t work for one, it might work for another. I have to touch and feel to learn. There is a lot of help on this site. Just ask.

That said,Jump in, make mistaked, have fun.


Sorry the reply is so choppy. One handed for a few months. Try to do anything with the wrong hand.

Fingered how to but bits in one handed !!!

I added Tabs to this one
With Tool Paths.c2d (816 KB)


Is the one handed typing related to you learning from your mistakes :slight_smile:

My son said stupidity hurts. I was disabling old shotgun shells. Emptied the shell, what’s left is the primer in the shell. Placed it on the floor, hitting it with a hammer. The primer ignited and went into my finger. Broken bone, torn tendon. Two months in a brace.

Stupidity hurts

:astonished: And that’s why we can’t have nice things,

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Ouch. But did you learn from it?

At least it wasn’t something that got your tools and CNC messy.

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