Plunge Rate @ feed rate - watch out

Maybe this is user error with Meshcam, but attempting some very simple 2D cutting yields the following:

(Roughing Level Depth: -0.200)
G0X12.725Y36.813 <- Rapid to position
G1Z-0.091F300.0 <- Quick feed in to just above cutting depth
G1Z-0.100F5.0 <- Plunge to cutting depth
G1Z-0.100F300.0 <- I think the intention of this is to set the feed rate for all the XY g-code that follows

The behavior I’m seeing is that results in a 300 mm/min plunge rate, when what I really want is 5 mm/min. It seems like the intermediate command is skipped. I think the last command should be:


Anyone else encounter this?

Changing the code thusly produced the desired result. It seems the issue was the quick feed in to .01 mm above the cutting depth. That resulted in quick plunges into the stock every time.

(Roughing Level Depth: -0.200)