Plunging at the end

starting to think I made a mistake by buying this machine 3 of of 3 times right at the end the Z plunges into the wood completely ruining the piece im working on. can anyone explain Why? very disappointed.

Does this plunge show up in the G-Code?

Please post the .c2d file

Usually this sort of difficulty is something mechanical.

Are you cutting slots just as narrow as the endmill?

I hope this is what your looking for I doesn’t show up in the G-code
Garicas2.c2d (826.7 KB)

Mike1.c2d (782.0 KB) (118.4 KB)
On the last pass at the bottom of the heart it plunged pretty deep into the wood (357.5 KB)
at the end of the 2nd O in room it dragged across and plunged into the M

Thank you Will

G-code is clean, so that must be mechanical like Will said. Is your collet clean from any debris, and tight enough that the endmill cannot slip during the cut ?

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Your file is all contour toolpaths, cutting slots as narrow as the endmill:

so tooling engagement is constantly high, which increases the likelihood of the endmill or the machine being pulled into the cut.

I would suggest cutting this as a V carving, so instead of:

you would get:


yes everything is tight

Thank you Julien much appreciated

thank you Will gonna try a fresh cut now

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